9 Reasons Why Remote Diagnostics and Assistance Is the Key to Superior Productivity

Tips — 4 min read

When your customer calls or contacts you, often it can be difficult to understand what is the problem, without seeing it. Your customers are not plumbing or HVAC experts and they expect you to be there to support them. Even if you encourage your customers to go the extra mile and send you photos or videos of their issue (as if they don’t have enough with the problem itself), you will still struggle to make an accurate diagnosis and determine the best solution approach. The pictures or videos are not always taken from the right angle, some important information may be still missing, and they are not presenting the real-time situation. 

The time you spend to diagnose a customer’s request and incorrect actions caused by miscommunication between you and your customer are leading to lower productivity. Your technicians are forced to drive back and forth from the office to the client with multiple parts or maybe even the wrong part due to process inefficiencies. At least you would need two technician visits; one would be more of inspection to find out what the problem is, and the second to resolve the situation. This modus operandi is quite expensive. Every minute of your technicians spent in transit is a minute that could be spent on a solution. It leads to a longer resolution time for your customers, and their higher frustrations.

As a repair & maintenance service provider you want to see what your customers see in real-time, so you can diagnose customers´ issues correctly and fix them preferably on the first go. The remote diagnostics and assistive technology could be the solution for you. 

Here are the main features and characteristics you should bear in mind in case you decide to implement it:

  • Real-time video streaming capability
  • Overlaying information on the real image capability (text, freehand drawings, pointing) 
  • Video recording of the remote assistance session (sound, image and visual instructions)
  • Compatible with any device (mobile, tablet, PC, etc.)  
  • No need to install any applications 
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface, suitable for any type of profile.

Below you can find the reasons why remote diagnostics and assistance is the key to superior productivity:

  1. It can reduce your troubleshooting times, the number of your technician’s site visits per event, especially those inspecting ones, and the number of problem escalations, lowering overall service costs. 
  1. It can reduce your inventory and shipping costs, due to accurate parts and tools usage.
  1. It can prevent higher damage and associated costs, especially in emergency calls, as the technicians remotely can instruct the customer on what needs to be done ASAP (i.e. close the stopcock water) to minimise damage before they get there.
  2. It can help you to assist from your location and provide great real-time technical support with visual instructions to your technicians in case they are struggling to fix the job, increasing their confidence in the solution they are offering to your customers and reducing time-on-site.
  3. It can improve the inter-technician communication and briefing process to your technicians due to the digitalisation of the knowledge generated during the remote assistance (i.e. facility to link your technicians into the video claim call and so they can also see what’s happening and know which parts and tools to bring). 
  4. It can improve technician utilization due to almost eliminating technicians´ travel time. Travel time often exceeds the on-site time, and limits technicians to a low number of service events per workday.
  5. It can increase the chances for higher first-time fix rates
  6. It can reinforce the consistency of service quality since the success rate is highly dependent on first-time fix rate, technician’s experience, familiarity with equipment, and skill level.
  7. It can improve the overall customer satisfaction when the customer can initiate a video claim directly, using s simple low-speed data connection and experience a much faster time to resolution.

Achieve Superior Productivity with Resolw Solution

Resolw (available as a web and mobile app, compatible with any device) gives you the freedom to deliver great customer support from anywhere. It’s easy to install and you can start using it pretty quickly, no technical skills needed.

With Resolw your customers can initiate a real-time video claim directly with you; using Resolw generated link or a live customer chat button on your website or QR code on your product. You can diagnose the problem remotely by using a full-featured toolkit, including live chat, audio calls or video calls with powerful built-in Pointing technology, enabling you to take remote diagnostics to another level. You can see the customers´ issues via their phone’s rear-facing camera, tap or draw on a live video stream (during one-to-one or group pointing video calls), and give real-time instructions, both to the customers and your on-site technicians when needed. 

Resolw offers a 14-day free trial, so you can be completely versed in the features and functionalities the app has to offer. After this trial period, you can still decide whether you would like to move from a reactive service to an increased customer satisfaction and efficiency outcome-based service model, and invest £17 (19€) per month, taking advantage of the one-time launch offer and the purchasing flexibility.