5 Steps To Improve Your First-Time Fix Rate

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First impressions matter, for good and bad. Positive customer experience on the first interaction with your service providing business is invaluable, as it could lead to a long-lasting relationship that keeps your company thriving. According to Esteban Kolsky, 72% of customers will share a positive experience with 6 or more people. On the other hand, if a customer is not happy, 13% of them will share their experience with 15 or even more.

In this context, a first-visit repair, especially to a new customer, should be a top priority in providing excellent and efficient service. If a job isn’t completed on the first visit, it could be enough reason for some customers to question the service quality of your business and can be susceptible to choose another company with higher first-time fix rates next time. As stated in independent research done by Aberdeen Group, 20% of the top-performing companies have a first-time fix rate of 89% while 30% of the poorly performing companies have a first-time fix rate of 56%.

Becoming more conscious about the first-time fix rate (how often technicians resolve customers’ problems during the first visit) could be the road many companies need to go to increase not only customer satisfaction but reduce operational costs and even create new revenue.

How to increase your first-time fix rate? 

Hereunder, we recommend 5 steps that will help you to resolve repair requests on the first visit. 

Step 1: Always be there for your customer

Your customers should be able to contact you quickly via different channels – both phone and chat – and platforms – web and mobile – in case of having an issue. They shouldn’t sit and listen to a busy phone tone while having important issues. You need to be able to solve many customer issues at once, respond easily to their questions in a personal manner, and if needed, add the right co-workers to the conversation to provide the right answer to the customer. 

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Step 2: Diagnose customer issue instantly & accurately 

The ability to quickly diagnose a problem, find the right answer, and resolve the issue on a first visit has never been more integral to the success of service organizations.

Aberdeen Group Report

You need to ensure you have the right diagnostics before you send your technicians out to fix the issue. Being able to quickly diagnose a problem and find the correct solution will help you by assigning the right technicians with the right skills, identifying the right spares and tools your technicians will need for fixing the issue, and providing realistic invoicing to your customers.

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Step 3: Brief your technicians properly

Smooth and transparent communication with your customer is important, but not less important is communication with and within your team. Your technicians need to receive accurate information about what and where they need to repair, whether they have spare parts in stock, etc. Having the facility to link your technician into the video call, so they can also see what’s happening and know which parts to bring, could help to provide detailed information to your technicians and aid in completing a job with the highest quality.   

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Step 4: Support your technicians while they are out on the job

There will definitely be some occasions where technicians are unable to fix a problem on their first visit. It may be more complex than initially diagnosed, or it could be a combination of problems that were not originally detected remotely. Your technicians need to be capable of quickly communicating with the office team or other technicians if an additional diagnostic or extra help are needed.

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Step 5: Automate and simplify your repair & maintenance operations

Invest in customer tech support tools that are easy to use for you, and especially for your customers. Look for those lightweight solutions that are offering the features you need, so you don’t feel overwhelmed with so many functionalities that you may never use.

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