5 important aspects to consider when choosing customer service tool for repair & maintenance businesses

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How many customers have you lost because you couldn’t answer their query on time? How many customers have you lost because you only have a singular point of contact? How many customers have you lost as you couldn’t fix their problem on the first visit? How many customers were disappointed as you could not provide them with accurate information about what is wrong upfront, whether the important spares are available and/or affected equipment are under guarantee, when the technician will arrive, or how much it will cost to fix it? How many hours of productivity were lost due to an emergency repair not being fixed on the first visit because of a lack of correct initial diagnostics, right spares, tools and support to the technician while they are out on the job?

If you’re at a point where you are tired of managing your business using an archaic system of common inefficiencies, which are affecting directly your business performance, then you’re in the right place reading this post. 

You are probably searching for a way to automate and simplify your repair & maintenance operations, with the aim to increase not only customer satisfaction but reduce operational costs and even create new revenue.   

With so many options on the market, choosing software that can satisfy your business needs can be overwhelming and time consuming. Hereunder, we listed 5 important aspects to consider while choosing a customer service tool for repair and maintenance businesses.

1. Your customer’s needs and expectations 

Take the needs and expectations of your customers seriously. Invest in customer tech support tools available in the market for your industry that are easy to use for you, and especially for your customers. You can’t expect from your customers to install any software to get in touch with your business! Your customers are expecting to be attended to quickly, receive precise and transparent diagnostics about what is wrong, whether the important spares are available and/or affected equipment are under guarantee, when the technician will arrive, how much it will cost, and for the issue to be fixed during the first visit.

Pay special attention to those tools that are streamlining communication and allowing for transparency between you as a manager, your technicians and your customers.

2. Your entrepreneurial needs

There are a lot of comprehensive customer support tools available on the market, designed for a larger ecosystem, offering a wide range of features and functionalities. However, look for those lightweight solutions that are offering the features you really need (sometimes Less is More) so you don’t feel overwhelmed with so many functionalities that you maynever use. Other aspects to bear in mind are a 14-day free trial period, so you have enough time to get familiar with the tool before you decide whether you buy it or not, as well as flexibility on purchasing options and price affordability.

3. Multiple points of contacts for your customers 

Your customers should be able to contact you quickly via different channels and platforms (web and mobile) in case of having an issue. You should be able to respond easily to their questions in a personal manner, and if needed, to add the right co-workers to the conversation to provide the right answer to the customer. 

4. Remote diagnostics ability 

“The ability to quickly diagnose a problem, find the right answer, and resolve the issue on a first visit has never been more integral to the success of service organizations.” Aberdeen Group ReportYou need to ensure you have the right diagnostics before you send your technicians out to fix the issue. Being able to quickly diagnose a problem and find the correct solution will help you by assigning the right technicians with the right skills, identifying the right spares and tools your technicians will need for fixing the issue, and providing realistic invoicing to your customers.

5. Ability to support your technician while they are out on the job

Obviously, there will be some occasions where technicians are unable to fix a problem on their first visit; it may be more complex than initially diagnosed, or it could be a combination of problems that were not originally detected remotely. Your technicians need to be capable to quickly communicate with the office team or other technicians if an additional diagnostic and extra help are needed.

Pro Tip

If you are a micro or small business owner, selling, repairing and maintaining physical goods, Resolw (available as a web and mobile app) is the customer tech support tool for you. Resolw’s mobile app gives you the freedom to deliver great customer support from anywhere. It’s easy to install and you can start using it quickly, no technical skills needed. 

The only thing you need to do is to add a Resolw generated link or a live customer chat button to your website, or QR code on your product, so your customers can reach you and your team instantly. Your customers don’t need to install any software.

Intelligent chat routing takes your customers’ messages to an available teammate. You can easily reassign a chat to the right co-worker or add them to the group conversation.

Intra- team messaging and notifications enable a better flow of information within your team.

You can diagnose the problem remotely by using a full-feature toolkit, including live chat, audio calls or video calls with powerful built-in Pointing technology, enabling you to take remote diagnostics to another level. You are able to see the customer’s issues via their phone’s rear-facing camera, tap or draw on a live video stream, and give real-time instructions to the customer. This powerful feature is especially important for emergency calls where the technicians (during one-to-one or group pointing video calls) can advise on what needs to be done ASAP to minimise damage before they get there. In an emergency, every minute counts.

Resolw offers a 14-day free trial, so you can be completely versed in the features and functionalities the app has to offer. After this trial period, you can still decide whether you would like to make your life easier and invest £17 (19€) per month, taking advantage of the one-time launch offer and the purchasing flexibility.