5 Essential Apps for Working Remotely From Home

Tips — 3 min read

Everyone knows and understand that working remotely can help you gain access to incredible talent, reduce costs and get you a tremendous advantage over your competitors in many other aspects. However, mastering work from home is hard. Below are mentioned some of the top apps that can help boost your productivity and work while you’re working from home.


When you work remotely, the first thing that can go, is the day to day, regular communication you get from being in the same office. The best tool for internal communications is Slack. This tool makes everyone in a team feel like they are working next to each other. You have control over channels, you can message directly. Once you have used Slack for a while you become to realise that you may never email a colleague again. It’s addictive and it has an immediacy and intimacy that makes us all feel really connected.


Organising and tracking your work to-do lists is important when it comes to project management productivity. Asana is built to do just that and helps small teams manage their projects effectively. According to the website, you can add tasks, to-dos, projects, teams, and files made available for up to 15 people absolutely free. If you need to add more people or more advanced features, an upgrade to Asana Premium is required.

Overall, the basic features of Asana are very easy to use. One great one is that all changes made in Asana’s mobile app will immediately appear on the web app. And any action, like creating a task or making an update, can be created offline and will automatically sync when you are back online.


Having facetime with other staff is vital, and being a remote employee still requires human-to-human interaction — you just have to change the platform. Zoom is perfect as a video conferencing tool. It works great for hosting virtual meetings but can also be used to retain your office culture through virtual conversations and after-work virtual get-togethers. Zoom offers free 40-minute meetings, a paid version with unlimited meetings and additional features across all platforms.


We often tend to spend more time while working at home on one task, probably because we are too comfortable. Toggl is an app that tracks time and shows you how much time is being spent on a particular task. The software is designed for remote work environments, and it especially helps freelancers. Toggl is actually one of those apps, which are best suited if you are a freelancer or someone who works from home, through this app, you can make sure that you are being billed correctly and getting paid for the amount of time you are putting in on projects.


Resolw is a must have tool for any small or medium business, who wants to make a good impression by being easily reachable by their clients. It is specially designed for instant troubleshooting and problem-solving. Just by adding a chat button to your website or a QR code to your product, the customers can reach your (or your support team’s) help on an instant. You can use text chat, audio or live video guidance to help customers solve their issue and even draw on live video stream to give clear instructions. Solve customer issues as if you were there in person. 

Getting started with remote work doesn’t require you to purchase and learn a dozen new programs. Instead, save your focus for what matters – your work – and pick what you need from these tools for remote workers.