Resolw Setup guide

Support — 5 min read

Setting Resolw up is simple and only takes a few minutes. Have a look at our quick guide below and in case of any questions contact us on the Resolw app, or by email at . Make sure to check out our FAQ too!

  1. Getting Started
  2. Adding your team (optional)
  3. Setting up a Unit
  4. Assigning team members to Unit(s)
  5. Setting up personalised Automatic Greetings
  6. Assisting your customers
  7. Configuring the Unit routing order
  8. Check out our video tutorials!

Getting Started

To help you get started in Resolw, we’ll set up your first unit with a unique shareable link. All you need to do is create your account!

  1. Head over to where you’ll need to enter your email address and create a secure password.
  2. We will send you a link to verify your email address – either click the link in the email or copy & paste it into your browser, then login to your new account.
  3. Once you’ve logged in, find this icon:
  4. Click on the icon and you’ll see a drop down menu where you’ll need to select which chat link you would like to copy and share.
  5. Workspace links are permanent, so this is the one you’ll want to share on your website’s contact page. Private chat links are valid for 24 hours only between you and the person you send it to.
  6. Get Resolwing! Incoming customer chats will be routed to you or a team member, where you can choose to use the chat, an audio call, or a video pointing call to diagnose or fix a problem – without even being there in person.

Tip: Check out our handy checklist when you first log into your account – it’s there to help you get familiar with your new customer support tool!

Add your team to your Workspace

Feel free to skip this step if you plan to use Resolw alone.

  1. Login to your administrator profile at
  2. Locate the team settings by clicking on the Team icon, where you will find an option to Add a new team member
  3. Simply enter in the email address for each of your team members individually to send them an invitation to your workspace. 
  4. Once each person has accepted the invite, add them to a unit so they can get started on diagnosing customer issues right away.

Tip: You can assign your team members to different units, or have one unit supported by your whole team – the flexibility is all yours!

Create a new Unit

Think of units as the different departments in your company or inside your Workspace. Set up as many or as few as you need. Each unit corresponds to a web link that you will create and share with your customers. When someone clicks on this link, Resolw creates a unique chatroom for that customer where your support team can provide them with remote assistance.

  1. Login to your administrator profile at
  2. Go to My Units, and click on Add New Unit.
  3. Enter your unit details. You’ll need a name and picture, a 4-digit identifier and a link extension. 
    1. Choose a name and picture that you would like your customers to see when they join your support chat.
    2. The 4-digit identifier has been implemented as a username for each new customer that uses the public link to connect to your unit.
    3. Your public link will already include your Workspace name, but you’ll need to add a link extension for a direct link to each support unit. 
  4. Every unit can also have personalised Automatic Greetings, or you can simply leave the default messages in place. 
  5. Once the unit is complete, remember to assign your team members to it so they can connect with your customers. If you’re going solo, you’re good to go!

Assign your team to a Unit

  1. Login to your administrator profile at 
  2. Go to My Units and find the unit that you want to add your team members to.
  3. Open the overview of the unit by clicking the small arrow underneath the unit picture. Here, you can see who’s already assigned to the unit. 
  4. To add someone, simply click on Add Member and choose from your available team members – add as many or as few as you need!
  5. Members can be removed easily in the My Units menu. Just open the unit overview, locate the user and click on the Remove team member button to the right of their name.

Setting up personalised Automatic Greetings

Make sure your customers are greeted properly when they arrive in your support chat with Automatic Greetings!

  1. Automatic greetings are already preset with some basics, but you can personalise them in the Unit Settings menu.
  2. Each unit can have unique greetings, depending on your needs, and they can be amended at any time.
  3. Open up the Unit Settings for the unit you would like to change and click the Set Automatic Greetings button.
  4. Now you can add greetings that will be shown to customers when they connect to you:
    • Default greeting. Each time a customer connects to the chat with an available agent, they’ll be welcomed with the message you enter here. 
    • When all unit members are set to ‘Don’t Disturb‘. If your support team is not online, leave your customers a message to let them know when you will get in touch, or when the customer can reach you.
    • When all unit members are busy assisting other customers. When your team is busy taking other calls, let your customers know that you’ll be with them shortly.
  5. Once you’re happy with your greetings you will need to click Set in the Greetings Menu and then Save & close the unit. Your changes will be lost if you don’t save the Unit Settings too!

Assisting your customers

Once you’re all set up with a team and unit, it’s time to start Resolwing your customer’s queries and issues!

  1. Publish your contact link – this can be on your website, in your email signature, or anywhere else you see fit. 
  2. When a customer clicks on your unique public link, they’ll be connected to your support unit in an instant, without needing to download or install anything on their device.
  3. Customers will be assigned to a chat with one of your technicians, who has the choice of using the chat, a video pointing call, or an audio call to establish exactly what problem your customer is facing.
  4. Connect via video call to view the customer’s issue, and use pointing to guide the customer to the solution.
  5. Whilst your session is open you can switch between the video call and chat, or switch to an audio only call, if needed.  
  6. Once the customer is happy, the technician should mark the chat as Resolwed and they’ll be ready to help someone else!
  7. When one of your team members gets to the end of their shift, they’ll need to set their profile to Don’t disturb before closing the browser.

Configuring the Unit routing order

If you’re a single user of Resolw, you can skip this section as all of your customers will be routed directly to you. For those with a team, you’ll be able to configure the routing priorities as and when you need.

  1. Login to your administrator profile at
    Go to My Units, and click on the small chevron arrow underneath the unit picture.
  2. Here, your unit’s team members are listed in routing order – 1 being the first person that Resolw will try to connect to. If the support agent at position 1 in the routing order is busy, the next customer will be connected with the 2nd agent from the unit.
  3. Move your team members higher in the routing order by clicking the arrow icon to the left of their name.
  4. It’s worth noting that even if a customer is assigned to a particular team member, the dedicated customer chat will be visible to all your team members. Only the assignee will receive notifications for new messages from customers.
  5. Customers cannot access or view any chats, other than their own.

Video Tutorials