How to supercharge your global technical support: A case study by AES Global & Resolw

Case Study — 2 min read

AES Global Ltd are one of the largest manufacturers of access control systems, with many of their access control products available for purchase through dealers in over 40 countries worldwide. Thanks to their 2 year warranty and free technical help and support, AES is on hand to deal with any issues a distributor or installation company may have.

One of the biggest challenges AES Global faces is providing effective support, as their clients are located globally. 

The trouble with emails and phone calls in technical support

Whilst it’s possible to share pictures, use calls and live chat in order to solve an issue, AES often found that communicating this way can cause problems where the information being described by the customer or installer is different to what is actually happening, and therefore prevents them from finding the ultimate cause of the issue. Since a simple call often doesn’t solve the problem, they’ve been on the lookout for a better solution. 

Resolw to the rescue

Enter Resolw – a virtual video-based platform for instant troubleshooting and problem-solving. Resolw’s video Pointing calls provide a live feed straight from the client as if looking through their eyes, and allows AES Global to provide superior support in their industry. 

“The main difference that made me select Resolw was the click to draw function. This really makes it very convenient for us to show the customer exactly where we need them to connect/disconnect a cable, for example”.

Dean Lyttle, Technical Team & Customer Service Manager, AES Global

AES plans to implement Resolw across their entire technical department with at least 70% of their calls using Resolw’s pointing technology, and Dean  “expects this to reduce the volume of returns numbers having to be issued for suspected faulty parts as we will have a true picture of what the installer is dealing with”.

Using interactive video calls beyond technical support

They’ve not only found Resolw to be effective for technical support, but have found great value for the software within their sales team too. “We will also utilise this when our sales team are conducting site survey visits with installers or helping maintain or troubleshoot with an installer on site” Dean Lyttle confirms.

Even though AES Global was able to get Resolw up and running in a matter of minutes, they have enjoyed working with the Resolw team during implementation. Dean  says, “Working directly with Resolw has been a pleasure with quick guidance and insight as well as getting a problem resolved, if it arises, with very short turnaround times.”


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