Elisa partners with Resolw to simplify solving clients’ technical issues from a distance

Case Study — 2 min read

Elisa partners with Resolw, an Estonian startup, to help out clients more efficiently from a distance.

As of today, it has been exactly a year since many of us had to shift to working from home. Switching to home office caused unforeseen technical issues for a lot of people, causing them to seek help from Elisa’s Seadmetugi team. Seadmetugi is Elisa’s in-house technical support team that offers support to everyone and anyone in need of assistance with setting up or troubleshooting their smart devices (you don’t need to be Elisa’s client to contact them).

Sometimes, getting a solution to their problem could take longer than expected on a busy workday. According to Anti Liivat, a Product Manager at Elisa, “Last year, the Elisa Seadmetugi team encountered a huge number of callers who were having technical difficulties right before an important meeting or during a busy work day.” 

To help clients solve technical issues faster and more efficiently, Elisa has partnered with Resolw to test a clever new solution to help clients from a distance.

“Every call is different – some clients understand the directions given by our experts from the get go, and some need some extra help, which can sometimes cause the problem to take longer to get solved. That’s why we are looking for smart alternatives to help our clients who might not be as tech-savvy” says Liivat.

Using Resolw, an expert from Elisa’s Seadmetugi team can help a client out over an interactive video call. According to Ann Margit Sepp, the Head of Marketing & Sales at Resolw,

“It is extremely simple – the Seadmetugi expert sends a SMS to the client and asks them to open the link in the message. Once the client opens the link, a video call can be initiated where the expert sees the issue at hand through the rear camera of the client’s device. The expert in Elisa’s team can get their eyes on the problem immediately and draw and tap on the screen during the video call to leave instructions for the client, helping them to get to the solution faster”

The app, which is being developed by a small startup in Estonia, is meant for teams as well as people who often have to guide or help others from a distance. According to Sepp, “Upon signing up for the platform, we create a virtual problem-solving room for you. You can share the link to your room with anyone who needs guidance or help with an issue from a distance. Once in session in your Resolw Room, you can solve issues over text or with our interactive video and image calls. Be it your colleague, client, friend or grandmother, Resolw’s problem-solving calls help you to solve problems faster than regular phone calls or emails.”

At Elisa, the platform is mostly used today to help out clients who call the Seadmetugi team with hardware problems. “Using interactive video calls enables our experts to immediately see the problem that the client is facing. This way, all kinds of problems ranging from installing cables to setting up a TV or digital tuner, are solved much more efficiently. The platform has been of great help to solve urgent issues fast”, says Elisa’s Product Manager. 

Interested in what Resolw can do for you and your business? Contact us at or step into our Resolw Room for a chat by clicking here!

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