How to quickly diagnose customer issues, increase your technicians’ efficiency and guarantee first-time repairs

Customer Service — 5 min read

We’re sure you’re painfully aware that to keep your installation, repair & maintenance company running profitably, you need to use your inventory and the time of your technicians with extreme efficiency. Your customers know that too – if your team is not prepared enough to solve the customer’s problem during the first call-out, customer satisfaction rates drop greatly. First-visit repairs are what keep your customers happy and your team efficient.

But to keep your team running efficiently and your customers happy, it is also crucial to correctly diagnose the customer issue right away. Doing so helps to understand the urgency, as well as the tools needed to complete the repair. However, being able to tell which customer issue needs immediate action, and which issue needs a more thorough approach, can be difficult to manage.

By taking advantage of a customer support tool that is built specifically for teams who deal with repair and maintenance, you can streamline customer requests and manage your team’s workload more efficiently. Resolw is easy to use and built with a no-nonsense mindset to make sure you can concentrate on better understanding customers issues, thus not only offering better service, but also reducing unnecessary costs. You don’t need any training or technological expertise to start using Resolw with the whole team. You just need a device with an internet connection.

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How to use Resolw

Resolw helps you organise incoming customer requests efficiently. Whether your client contacts you about a broken down washing machine, a leaky pipe or a broken central heating system, with Resolw you can gather accurate information about the situation before sending out your technician. This enables you to avoid unnecessary call-outs, make sure the necessary tools and parts are at hand, and to evaluate what needs immediate attention and what can be scheduled for later. 

For example, imagine a customer contacts your company about a broken boiler. If the first person to receive the message is the secretary, they can then forward the request to a member of your team who specially deals with boiler repairs, or to the first available plumber. With a quick video call, your team member can assess what the make of the boiler is and diagnose the problem remotely.

Using Resolw’s built-in video calls gives the technician the information of how fast they should react, and makes sure that when they drive out for the repair, they have the necessary parts at hand to avoid empty rides. This also enables your team to know if the problem doesn’t need a call-out afterall, and instead the plumber can advise the customer on how to fix the problem through a Resolw video call, using the powerful built-in Pointing technology. This enables you to see the customer’s issues via their phone’s rear-facing camera, and to draw on the screen to give live instructions to the customer. The customer does not need to install any software.

Prompt & accurate information is especially important for emergency calls where the technician can advise on what needs to be done ASAP to minimise damage before they  get there. Sometimes, 15 minutes can make a huge difference. 


Your workspace in Resolw is the hub of the customer support tool, where you manage customer requests and account settings.

In the workspace you can create as many public chat links as you need. When you share the link online and a customer clicks on it, they are immediately connected with your team – it creates a unique chatroom between the client and yourself where you can solve the customer’s request via live chat, audio calls or video calls with Pointing. 


Inside your Workspace, you can create as many Units with public links as you need. Think of Units as the different departments in your company or inside your Workspace. For example, you can set up one Unit for emergencies and the other for scheduled maintenance; or one for each area of expertise in your company – boiler repairs, AC repairs or home appliance repairs. Set up as many or as few as your company needs.

Once you create a Unit, a public web link is generated that you can share with your customers by posting it on your website, social media, or your email signature. When a client clicks on this link, Resolw creates a unique chatroom for that customer where they are connected to your team so you can remotely diagnose the issue, decide on the next course of action and advise the customer.

When a customer clicks on your unique public link, they’ll be connected to your support unit without needing to download or install anything on their device, it happens in their mobile or desktop web browser. 


When a customer contacts you through Resolw, we make sure the right team member gets the message each time they contact. We do this by using a routing order that you can set up for each unit. 

For example, Ann and Eric are assigned to the Plumber Company’s Boiler Unit. Incoming customer requests will be sent to Ann because she’s set to be first in the Units routing order. If she is busy then the message will go to Eric who is set to be 2nd, and so forth. 

This means that one person gets notified about the message at a time so there isn’t any mixup about who will answer and when. You can easily set up and change the routing order for each Unit depending on your team’s needs. 

Alternatively, you can have only one person responsible for customer support, and a technician can be added to the chat later if needed. For example, if a secretary manages most of the customers’ issues but there is a need for a technician’s advice to make an assessment, the secretary can add that technician to the customer chat. The technician can also check the chat before visiting the customer to make sure that they have all the information and bring the necessary equipment to assist the customer and complete a first-visit repair.

To learn more about how Resolw can increase technician productivity, your company’s profitability & customer satisfaction, feel free to contact us via live Resolw chat. If you’re ready to get started, try Resolw free today.